1000hp ttrs

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1000hp ttrs

After 9 months of development work on the 2. This kit represents the most thought out kit on the market. We have used the best components that protect the chassis from heat, failure and overcomplication. These turbos package extremely well and offer unmatched value and performance.

Their built in features allow us to produce systems that perform at a high level without the complexity and cost of s technology turbo systems. Latest generation compressors combined with state of the art 'Mixed-Flow Gamma-Ti Turbine Wheel' design allows for remarkable spool and huge powerbands.

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From the Xona Rotor literature we learn the following:. Xona Rotor has implemented innovative features in its XR line of performance turbochargers to enhance performance and durability.

Traditional bearing systems with insufficient preload can experience ball sliding and scuffing at high shaft speeds, leading to fretting of the bearing races and short bearing life. The bearing housing itself is a fully-machined, high-strength stainless steel component with an extended water jacket.

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By fully surrounding the turbine seal ring land area, this advanced cooling feature combats heat soakback, preventing piston ring collapse for enhanced durability at high temperatures. Xona XR turbochargers use hybrid ceramic balls and steel races ball bearing cartridges unlike those found elsewhere. These high-precision ABEC 7 angular contact ball bearings are made with advanced M62 high-speed powder metal steel races, silicon nitride ceramic balls and metallic ball cages.

No melted ball cages here. Together these features deliver significantly elevated robustness and durability at extreme temperatures compared to conventional ball bearing systems. Most performance turbochargers today use a single piston ring for sealing the shaft at each end. By contrast, Xona XR turbochargers employ twin rings at both the compressor and turbine ends. This feature dramatically reduces oil leakage and gas intrusion at both ends of the rotating assembly.

Furthermore, since the sealing load is spread across two rings, wear rates are reduced and seal life is extended. Complementing this are large-diameter oil slingers incorporated into both ends of the shaft, further reducing splash oil at the piston ring seal location within the bearing cartridge.

The compressor register of the CHRA features an overbuilt compressor backplate and cover interface system that is very tolerant of external loads, limiting structural distortion that can lead to compressor wheel rubbing and premature failure.

1000hp ttrs

These turbos externally all fit in the same footprint of housings allowing fantastic upgrade paths should goals extend to higher horsepower levels. Currently we have software for North American and some European model 6 speeds on the hp Xona and the hp Xona VCDC cable required. Recommended Supporting Modifications:.To get to that level of power, MTM has added a new air intake, stainless steel exhaust system, a new turbocharger and, of course, an engine tune, among other things.

The 2. It has as much horsepower as an Audi R8 V10 Plus but weighs significantly less and has just as much grip.

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But if you want something a bit more extreme, we highly recommend looking into an MTM Stage 3 tune. I've been in love with cars since I was a kid, specifically German cars. Now I get to drive them talk about them on the internet.

1000hp ttrs

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And how many times was that used remotely fairly? Well, the recently unveiled. Read More. Judging by the new Audi A3 Sportback, sportier variants are going to be good looking cars. The standard A3 is already a sporty looking hatch. Categories Editorial RS6 Video. Its stunning good looks, monster power and everyday-usability make the RS Search for: Search Begin typing your search above and press return to search.

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Log in. Remember Me? It makes horsepower and lb-ft of torque at the crank to be accurate. Need more details!! I was talking to Ando BMS about this car today. It's a mini R8 with lots of potential if you have deep pockets.

2.5L TFSI Race Engines for Audi TTRS and Audi RS3

TTRS is one of my favorite cars. Sticky -PM. There aren't more details unfortunately. But big power 2. The block may be a weak point we'll see. Newguy -PM. I truly wish they stretch the rear a tad longer. My co-worker complains that big trucks, being in Texas, can't see him and could be accident prone if you're not careful Regardless, I'm getting one in the future Attachment Won't mkiii's be a little weaker due to the switch to an aluminum block?

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Originally Posted by quattr0. Originally Posted by SpeedLimit? Originally Posted by Sticky. Ensoniq -AM. Wonder how much that package would cost in the US also wonder how long the engine would hold together at that power level.

Cancel Changes. Quick Membership. Boost brought to you by:. Popular articles. Valentine One updates radar detector to The Valentine 1 is well known in the The coronavirus claims another victim BMW i8 production ends next month and here Improve power to weight with full carbon Everyone is in a hurry to add power but Case for meth - What the pistons, heads, and Many people here are aware of New Forum Posts.General engine information.

Our 2.

2.5L TFSI RACE ENGINE fully tuned over 1000hp reliable BAR-TEKĀ®

With this engine, you can reliably drive over hp and enjoy a pure car racing feeling. All parts fit together ideally and make the conversion perfect.

You sit down in the car, start your new race engine and experience completely new possibilities when driving, especially in competition. The components of our 2.

With this engine, you will experience unforgettable moments, with a solid hp! We enable it with high-performance pistons by Mahleamong others, that withstand these extreme conditions easily. They ensure the necessary stability of your engine, since they absorb a lot of power; yet, at the same time, they reduce the compression.

The H-beam con-rods with bolts by ARP are the very best on the market, too. We recommend the conversion to these con-rods starting from hp, because, with performance-enhanced engines, the forces acting on the con-rods are so great that the con-rods can even tear off. In addition, you get from us main bearings and con-rod bearings derived from car racing and ARP bolts for the engine block, the cylinder head and the camshaft frame.

ARP produces absolutely premium bolts, which hold the race engine and its components fast in their proper places.

The quality of the thread is so outstanding that they can be reused. We are glad to advise you. Just call us or write us an e-mail. Home Products Brands Engine tuning About us. Suspension Suspension parts. Forged Pistons. Connecting Rods. General engine information 1.

1000hp ttrs

General engine information 2. Tools Compression Ratio Calculator. Own projects Audi R8. Audi RS3 2. Audi 2. Audi S3 2. Own developments 2. Centering tool clutch 6-gear. Oil cooler flange. It is completely tunedServicepaket lorem. Choosing this equipment feature makes it necessary to deselect a previously selected feature.

Anti-theft wheel bolts, M14 x 1,5 x 35,5. Tyre pressure and tread depth gauge. Wheel bags, for wheels from 19 inches upwards. Carrier unit, for vehicles without roof rails. Ski and luggage box, brillant black, l. Ski and luggage box, brilliant black, l. Ski and luggage box, platinum grey with brilliant black side blade, l. Ski and snowboard rack, for a maximum of 4 pairs of skis or 2 snowboards, without pull-out function. Ski and snowboard rack, for a maximum of 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards, without pull-out function.

Adapter for the socket for the trailer towing hitch, pin to 7-pin.

Audi TT RS TTE700 Acceleration 0-287 LAUNCH CONTROL SOUND

USB adapter cable, for mobile devices with an Apple dock connector. USB adapter cable, for mobile devices with an Apple Lightning port, angled. USB adapter cable, for mobile devices with an Apple Lightning port, straight.

Wireless charging cover, for Apple iPhone 7, wireless charging, Qi standard. Wireless Charging Pad, for mobile telephones with wireless charging in accordance with the Qi standard. All-weather floor mats, for the front, black.

All-weather floor mats, for the rear, black. Car cover indoorwith Audi rings. Cool and hot box, thermoelectric, 20 l. Air freshener gecko, Canadian version, red, spicy.

Air freshener gecko, light grey, fresh. Air freshener gecko, pink, sweet floral. Air freshener gecko, red, herby floral. Air freshener gecko, yellow, fruity.

1000hp ttrs

Rear protective cover, in Audi design.The standard 2. After optimization of the motor management, the data sheet for the sportscar now boasts an impressive hp kW and Nm.

But that is by far not all, because this complete vehicle in a limited edition of 50 features a whole range of additional visual and performance improvements. It includes the front spoiler, the exclusive front grille frame with a red TT RS-R logo, front flics and front blades, side skirt add-ons with side blades as well as a multi-part rear skirt add-on with a red TT RS-R logo to point out the concentrated power of the German sportscar.

The stainless steel exhaust system with double tailpipe trims ensures that the sound perfectly matches the exterior.

As a special model, this Quattro also deserves an appropriately exclusive sporty styling for the interior from ABT Individual. The standard seat panels as well as the side of the dashboard panel have a carbon coating. ABT is the only tuning company with several decades of experience in motorsports to modify and optimize engines.

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Contact via Phone. Next step. History Company-News Media.Our Basic Package includes the following: H. While the newer slave cylinders did much to alleviate some issues the older units had they actual We highly recommend the use of new OEM bolts while replacing your clutch. Get a set of these at a great price while you're ordering your clutch from Monster Clutch Co.! Bleeding your hydraulic fluid is a vital routine necessary to keep your entire hydraulic system working in tip-top shape for thousands of miles - this remote bleeder line makes it much easier for you!

Next time you're in Since their creation, the clutch hydraulic system has plagued these GTOs. Shifting quickly at high RPM is extremely hard in some cases even impossible especially when using a beefy aftermarket clutch.

Getting into firs Designed to fit all LSx based engines with the offset 6 bolt pattern. These are cnc machined to OE specs and are zero balanced making them the best flywheel on the market in our opinion of course. All of the machine wo Welcome visitor you can login or create an account.

Shopping Cart. Street Multi-Disc Clutch Packages. Featured Best Seller Most Viewed. Based on 5 reviews. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Add to Compare. Based on 9 reviews. Based on 0 reviews. Based on 3 reviews. Based on 1 reviews.


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